Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Study: Hall, Pomeroy trails most popular in Delaware

Newark Post -- As the winter sun set on Monday, David Blickwedel was skateboarding down the James F. Hall Trail, even as temperatures dipped near freezing. The University of Delaware senior frequents the trail, as well as the adjoining Pomeroy Trail, several times a week. “You can go all the way to White Clay, which is great,” Blickwedel said. “It's also sort of nestled away from people, which I like.” Blickwedel is not alone.

According to a Delaware State Parks report, the Hall and Pomeroy are the two most heavily used trails in the State. By installing trail counters, Delaware State Parks workers determined how many people used the trails for walking, running or biking. The strategically located trail counters registered an average of 92,437 users per year on the Hall Trail and 71,738 on the Pomeroy Trail, placing these two trails at the top of the list. [Full article ...]

Even on the coldest days, bicyclists and pedestrians are seen on the Hall and Pomeroy Trails.

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