Thursday, January 1, 2015

New for 2015! Delaware Bikes is now 1st State BIKES

For reasons we cannot disclose at this time, Delaware Bikes will be changing to 1st State BIKES as of 2015. We urge our followers to make changes ASAP in order to continue supporting our mission. We strive to be your 1-stop shop for all things bicycling advocacy in Delaware, which includes both on and off-road infrastructure and safety. There is no paid membership required to join with us, and participate in advocacy projects and action alerts that cover the 6 Es of bicycle advocacy.

For now, please check in with our new Facebook page, and LIKE us. All future posts will be re-directed here, but still cross-posted to the original page as well for a limited time.

If you are subscribed via email, please check our blog periodically for the next few weeks to ensure you don't miss anything.

More updates will follow. Please bear with us through this difficult time.

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