Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Helping and Facilitating the "Invisible Cyclist"

Cross-posted from WalkBikeJersey Blog -- While it has been frustrating for me to sit on the professional sidelines of bicycle and pedestrian planning, my recent job foray as a professional driver has given me the ability to see and observe a great deal of the real-world transportation environment of northeastern New Jersey.  Recently I had to get the vehicle washed that I was driving at the Super Car Wash of Elizabeth on Rt 1 & 9 just south of the Bayway Circle.  Super Car Wash employs an army of men to do the detail work of sweeping the inside of the car and drying it off everywhere when it comes out of the mechanized washed. Nearly all of these hardworking men are from Spanish speaking America.

Well, to my surprise Super Car Wash provided a bike rack for its employees and from the look of the rack in the photos, it would seem that a large number of its employees get there by bike.  While the rack is of the less than ideal "wheel bender" variety, it seems to work rather well here as the employees can keep an eye on their wheels. [Full article, including photos ...]

The scene outside Dover Downs Casino and Resort on Route 13 is very similar to the one described above. The racks are also of the wheelbending variety, however, commuters enjoy some peace of mind knowing the casino provides full surveillance. Please help us put an end to wheelbending racks in the New Castle County code once and for all, by signing this petition.

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