Friday, January 30, 2015

Join the safe passing campaign with a simple lawn sign!

A bicyclist tries to self-enforce the 3 foot
passing law in Newark - using a shovel.
Amy Wilburn of the Delaware Bicycle Council, and Gail E. Robillard of the White Clay Bicycle Club have been working tirelessly on a safety awareness platform. At this time, Delaware has not put the funds aside for an education program dedicated to bicycling. But we won't let that stop us; a safety awareness campaign can also be funded by the private sector, and the interest is definitely there.

From the litany of comments on WCBC’s Facebook page and list server over recent bicycling fatalities, using lawn signs to promote a safety message was the overall consensus. Safety PSAs using these signs - much like political campaign signs - have been implemented successfully by national and State motorcycle organizations. As a theme, it was determined that the 3’ passing law carried the strongest message.

We now have the following:
  • Sponsors willing to fund this project
  • A storage facility to house the signs
  • Methods of distribution: bike clubs, sponsors, and other bicycle friendly organizations

Those interested will be asked to place a sign in their front yard to help us get this message out. If you would like to participate, please email Gail with your full name and a full time contact number. As soon as the signs are complete, we will arrange getting them to you. Our target is to implement this campaign during May (Bike Month) which will increase our exposure, and have them available at Delaware bicycling events throughout 2015.

Below are the 3 signs being considered:

Don't hesitate ... please join the effort! This makes it very easy to help with an aspect of bicycle advocacy that has been largely ignored, given the drive for segregated bicycle facilities. Email Gail today at:

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