Sunday, January 11, 2015

Close Call Database Tracks Bad Drivers

Members are encouraged to submit incident reports to help build cases against aggressive drivers

Bicycling Magazine -- Almost every bike rider has experienced it: A hostile driver cuts you off, buzzes by within inches, or yells obscenities as you pedal. The experience is more than frightening - it’s potentially life-threatening. Unfortunately, cyclists have had little recourse. Until now. Ernest Ezis of Boulder, CO, was tired of hearing about riders being harassed by motorists with no way to warn their peers of repeatedly dangerous drivers. His solution? He created the Close Call Database, a website where cyclists can identify and track aggressive motorists.

The concept is simple. Cyclists involved in an episode of car-on-bike ire can report the encounter on the site. As reports accrue, patterns of serial aggressive driving should become evident.  If one of those drivers is ever involved in an incident with a cyclist, the compiled information could help to build a legal case against him or her. Ezis also hopes that police will use the information to confront hostile drivers and encourage them to change their habits before an accident occurs. [Full article ...]

Rideye has the ultimate HD surveillance system, aka "black box" for bicyclists, that can record the details of an incident or accident. It can also catch a belligerent motorist in the act, and record the tag number. Unfortunately, because a front license plate is not required in Delaware, using a rear-facing camera (seatpost mount) won't be much help.

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