Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gail's Assault on Rittenhouse Park in Newark

The American Bicycle Corps at Fort Missoula in 1897 (courtesy of Wikipedia)
On January 2nd, the 1st State Bicycle Corps launched a mining siege at the Iron Hill territory of Rittenhouse Park in Newark, Delaware. Light infantry, commanded by "Gunga" Gail Robillard, were sent ahead to clear a pathway and dig the first trenches. In the video below, Gail demonstrates invincible leadership skills, tackling rocks, roots, and even the trees themselves!

Seriously -- Rittenhouse Park is a beautiful natural area with nearly 2 miles of natural hiking trails and access to the Christina River. It does not appear that the trails - 100% natural surface - are maintained well enough to recommend mountain biking, though it appears many do. The park looks small on a map, but feels quite large once inside. It contains substantial tracts of intact mature forest and is also a great place to go bird watching!

The Rittenhouse Park Trail is supposed to connect between W. Chestnut Hill Road and Elkton Road. However, the video above tells a different story. The trail goes from semi-bikeable to treacherous to non-existent.

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