Saturday, May 10, 2014

Will buying likes of fake people cause any harm?

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Last week, I received the following question from a reader about buying Facebook Likes:

What about buying likes outright? We’re thinking about buying 500 or so likes through a service like “buyilikes.” We would do it because we want to portray ourselves as an established company providing high end services, and ~40 likes shoots us in the foot. Will buying likes of fake people cause any harm?

It’s a question I get often. The short answer: No way. Don’t do it. Don’t buy Likes. Anything that doesn’t bring in an authentic “fan” won’t help you.

Today, let’s cover…
  • Why Brands Buy Facebook Likes;
  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes; and
  • Alternatives to Buying Facebook Likes
By the end of this post, I hope to not only convince you that it’s a terrible idea to buy Facebook Likes, but to help educate you on productive, easy and cost effective ways of increasing your Likes while maintaining your dignity.  [Full article ...]

Poster's note: Delaware Bikes' popularity on Facebook is 100% the result of folks who genuinely find us - whether at tabling events or on-line - and choose to like us.

Delaware Bikes had a very productive tabling experience at the 2014 Delaware Bike/Walk Summit, where we unveiled the "Newark to Wilmington Bikeway" proposal.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Likes don't tell you much of anything anyway since it's so easy to just click on a page without putting thought into it. Now I know to pay even less attention to them. Social media has some real benefits, but it also has some real stupidity. At least Delaware Bike is going the genuine route.


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