Sunday, May 4, 2014

Laura Wilburn wins DART Rider of the Month for May

Laura Wilburn, who rides DART Routes 6 and 33, was chosen as May Rider of the Month. Thanks for riding, Laura, and Congratulations!

According to Laura's mom Amy, “Laura does not own a car, and is a strong and committed advocate for green transportation. She lives in Newark and works 3 jobs in Wilmington, although she will soon be moving to Wilmington. Laura takes a bus or bikes wherever she needs to go. She often combines busing and biking and can load or unload her bike from the bus with one hand within seconds. Laura has become familiar with a number of the other riders and enjoys chatting with them on the bus.”

Once a month, DART seeks to recognize and award a fixed route rider as Rider of the Month, and who is recognized by fellow riders as courteous, friendly, and helpful with a positive attitude. If you take the bus, check out DART's Rider of the Month page, and fill out the contest entry form today!

Not only is Laura car-free, she also rode across the country in 2012 from Montana to Delaware. Laura is a true inspiration, and proof that you live happily without the noose of car ownership.

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