Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cabot Community Tour Family Ride on June 17

The 2014 Cabot Community Tour is a five-week “Celebration of Communities and Good,” highlighting the extraordinary connections among cooperatives, volunteers, and the service organizations supporting these communities. The Tour honors three of their 1,200 farm-family owners’ most cherished principles: Cooperatives, Community and Volunteerism.

Joining forces again for the near-1,000 mile journey will be Cathy and Myron Skott, who pedaled every mile of the 2012 Tour. In a repeat peformance, the Skotts will bring their passion and energy to this exciting adventure. Joining them as they ride their way north will be cycling groups from the communities and organizations that make up the heart and soul of the Tour.

On Tuesday June 17th at 9:00 a.m., the East Coast Greenway Alliance is organizing a family-friendly ride from the Blue Ball Barn to Bellevue State Park that will join with the Skotts, then return to the start on their own. The entire ride takes place along the Northern Delaware Greenway, so no one gets lost. Come join up and wish them well!

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