Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Did DelDOT forget to turn on the vacuum?

Several of our followers recently notified DelDOT of the atrocious debris conditions on Route 72. Within a week, a sweeper was dispatched to clear the shoulders of loose debris, most of which was left over from the carving of rumble strips. However, on the southbound side, it would appear that instead of aspirating the debris, most of it was swished around into rifts and pools, and the brushes themselves didn't even cover the rightmost quarter or third of the shoulder.

A thick ridge of gravel still lines the middle of the shoulder, after the sweep operation was completed.

Sandy Schreiver, a new commuter this year with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in Glasgow, still manages to put on a smiling face despite the hazardous conditions.

The northbound direction was much cleaner, and safer to ride further to the right to avoid the dangerously positioned rumble strips. I know little about how a sweep truck operates, but perhaps the vacuum function was malfunctioning or not turned on? To find out how a street sweeper works (or is supposed to work), visit Ezine Articles HERE.

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