Thursday, September 18, 2014

Newly revised bicycle-friendly rumble strips installed south of Middletown

Anthony Aglio, the best friend advocates could possibly ask for in a State Bicycle Coordinator, just reported that DelDOT has moved quickly on the rumble strip re-design and already has it on the ground for bicyclists to test out.

According to Anthony, we need at least a few cyclists that can ride Route 71 south of Middletown and report back with comments - positive or negative.

In making your assessment, it is important to understand the original design that is 16" wide with a 1' offset from the shoulder line. They were also deep enough to compromise bicycle control. Both designs are illustrated below,

DelDOT's original rumble strip, above, robbed some of the most valuable space in the shoulder - destroying some entirely. Unfortunately, a number of good roads have already been damaged with this design, but thankfully, DelDOT crews were quick to assess the damage and make repairs in several areas that were rendered very dangerous or unridable.

The all new design, above, is superior to the original. This strip is less than half the width, is much closer to the white line (6"), and shallow to where a bicycle can safely cross over it.

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