Sunday, September 21, 2014

B.E.S.T. Active Transportation Group launches website

By John and Ceci McCormick --

In November 2012, a small group got together to discuss the advantages of all advocates of active transportation in Delaware (e.g. bicycle, pedestrian, bus transportation, safety, healthy lifestyle) working together to promote active lifestyles. We discussed the need to understand what the current advocacy efforts were and how to identify people who could organize their efforts. The initial name of the group, Bicycle Education and Safety Training has changed to Bringing Education and Safety Together. We wanted to keep the initials the same for consistency - B.E.S.T. - but needed to show an interest in collaborating with a broader range of transportation options.

Ceci (L) and John McCormick founded B.E.S.T. in November 2012
The B.E.S.T. Group advocates using Active Transportation in daily life. To promote this goal, we are currently developing a curriculum intended for Physical Education (P.E.) teachers in Kindergarten through Grade 12. We are inviting P.E. teachers to pilot our program during the  2014-15 school year. B.E.S.T. group members would provide support in locating resources, teaching lessons, and answering questions.

The B.E.S.T. Vision promotes bicycling, walking, and public transportation (Active Transportation) in a way that engages the talents, energies and influence of the various advocacy groups and local, county & state resources, so that our collective efforts are aligned and coordinated (i.e. healthy lifestyle, non-motorized activities to address obesity, etc.), in a way that Delaware’s active transportation initiatives are recognized nationally as a model program.

Visit our all new B.E.S.T. website, and be sure to add a bookmark for us. Check in periodically for all the latest updates and activities!

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