Friday, September 5, 2014

Input needed for Howell School & Denny Road re-alignment project

By Amy Wilburn, Chair, Delaware Bicycle Council --

DelDOT will be realigning the intersection of 896 and Howell School/Denny Roads, and wants our input. Construction will also occur on at least some of the length of Howell School Road. The project goes out to bid this Winter and will occur over the next couple of years. In planning for construction, DelDOT's Rich Palmer wants to know about any cycling events that use Route 896 and/or Howell School Road.

I know that at least one Triathlon event leaves from Lums Pond, and I imagine that a number of others use that area as well. If you know of any events, please let me know as many details as possible, including the organizer, and I’ll pass the information along to Rich.

Poster's note: The Route 896 intersection of Howell School Road and Denny Road - well offset from one another - appear in the center of the map above. A construction project is scheduled to align the two in order to create one single intersection, and DelDOT is asking bicyclist's input. It will be especially helpful to pass along any info about events that take place in the area, and when.

Please contact Amy Wilburn at: to offer your comments and suggestions.

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