Monday, July 14, 2014

Petition: Create an on-road bicycle route between Wilmington and Newark

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Although there are stretches of roadway with good bicycle facilities, Delaware lacks complete bike routes between destinations. In surveys of cyclists, Kirkwood Highway and Route 4 are consistently among the highest priority for the development of bicycle routes. These corridors already have a good base of viable infrastructure. With paint and signage, plus a few projects to remedy pinch points, a route can be created at relatively low cost.

The proposed routes were created by cyclists who regularly bike this corridor for transportation. DelDOT is aware of the routes and is willing to consider implementation. However, the agency lacks funding and a plan to proceed with their creation. We are therefore asking the public to lend support for these routes and to encourage DelDOT to move forward.

Creation of an on-road bicycle route between Wilmington and Newark is an important step towards creating bicycle route networks that will allow the residents of Delaware to safely get where they need to go by bike.

When you sign this PETITION, please note why it is important to you, as this will help DelDOT take the petition more seriously. And, make sure you forward this link to anyone else who's interested!

Special note from Amy Wilburn:  DelDOT has the proposed routes and they are positive enough, but they have no plans or funding to see it through. We want to show them that this matters to cyclists. The entire emphasis has been on the trail route, but the trail will take decades to become a reality, will be time-consuming and circuitous, will be costly, and will not provide access to most of the major destinations along this corridor. We not only need to get a low cost fix in the interim, but it would be helpful to have an efficient route that accesses important destinations. Please spread the word to others who might like to sign.

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