Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last week's totally excellent commuting Ed-venture!

On Thursday, July 10th, I was offered a most unusual commuting option - using Sunset Lake via water taxi (electric powered fishing boat) to reach Purgatory Swamp Road/Route 72. At Skipper was "Indian" Ed Yoder, a wonderful Native American. Starting out, it required painstakingly guiding the boat and its propeller around muddy shallows and areas thick with Lily Pads. Once in the clear, we headed out into open waters en-route to the Newark Angler's Association's piers and clubhouse. Once there, Ed helped unload my bike. After a lengthy chat and archeological history lesson, I resumed my commute north on Route 72, historically known as Purgatory Swamp Road.

My standard commute route follows the solid red line. It leaves Siemens' parking lot and crosses Sunset Lake on a foot bridge, before heading south and east on an abandoned site road. The dashed line is my "Indian Ed-venture", being ferried the entire length of Sunset Lake in a fishing boat.

Loaded up and ready to go!

"Indian" Ed steers us clear of the swamp. It was necessary to clear the propeller of weeds a few times, something Ed is well accustomed to!

A HUGE Snapping Turtle caught us by surprise. Though difficult to see in this photo, the tail is clearly visible to the right.

Home stretch! In sight of the Newark Angler's Association lakefront property.

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