Friday, July 18, 2014

DelDOT Takes Wikimapping to the Boardwalk

Bicyclists of all levels asked to log routes and riding experiences

Dover, Delaware -- Ranked between Wisconsin and Oregon, Delaware is the fourth most Bicycle Friendly State in 2014, according to the League of American Bicyclists, and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) continues to work toward the number one spot. Anthony Aglio, DelDOT Bicycle Coordinator explained some of the ways the department is working to climb up the rankings:

“Summertime in the beach communities of Sussex County is a great time to work on Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation,” four of the five “Es” the League uses to determine the bicycle friendliness of a place, he said.

In addition to the dozen or so safety checkpoints and many local rides that happen annually at the beach, this summer DelDOT is working on a bike-mapping effort that will identify routes that cater to less-experienced cyclists. The goal is to get more people bicycling comfortably and safely and make Delaware an even more bicycle friendly state.

With the help of Wikimapping - a new online public input tool - DelDOT will be able to better understand the challenges and experiences of bicyclists. The Wikimapping web app, which can be accessed at on a computer or smart phone, is being used for planning efforts around the country. From July through September 2014, Wikimapping is being used to gather input from visitors and locals who bicycle, or would like to bicycle, in the Delaware beach areas to identify popular routes, peoples’ comfort on those routes, barriers, and opportunities to improve the network of trails and bicycle facilities. Ultimately, the information gathered through Wikimapping will be used to map family-friendly bicycle routes. These maps will be available through the chambers of commerce, online, and possibly other outlets in summer 2015.
  • What: Public input using a new online app will help DelDOT produce family friendly bicycle maps and identify challenges for cyclists at the Delaware beaches.
  • Where: Delaware beach communities. People can access the mapping application on any computer or smartphone at
  • When: During July, August, and September 2014, the site will be open for public to submit their experience, concerns, and ideas.
  • Who: Bicyclists of all skill levels - both visitors and locals. Anyone that rides a bike around the beach communities in Sussex County.
  • Why: DelDOT is seeking to better understand where bicyclists want to ride, their riding experience, barriers or challenges on their routes. The information will be used to produce maps for the summer of 2015 to help direct less-experienced cyclists and families to safer, more comfortable routes. The information will also be used to identify opportunities for improvements to the bicycle network in years to come.
Please contact Anthony Aglio, Delaware Department of Transportation: 302-760-2509 or

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