Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bill Dunn announces his candidacy for District 19

Delaware Bikes is proud to announce Bill Dunn as a candidate for 19th District Representative

Bill believes that better planning is important to protect all the residents of Delaware. Development must be carefully paced to insure we do not make traffic worse, increase costs to taxpayers, or jeopardize our environment and our children’s future.

Business development and jobs demand healthy, safe and efficient commuting options. As a cyclist himself, Bill is an ardent supporter of Complete Streets implementation, the Trails and Pathways initiative, and Active Transportation funding in general. As the victim of a bicycle crash involving an aggressive driver, he understands our vulnerability as a participant in vehicular traffic, and the importance of non-motorized safety.

Among Bill's recent community involvement and experience:
  • Recent Past-President of the Civic League for New Castle County
  • President of the Milltown-Limestone Civic Alliance
  • Recently, Unanimously Elected, Chairperson of the 19th RD’s Democratic Committee
  • Senator Blevins Appointee to the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority
  • Steering Committee Member of Progressive Democrats of Delaware
  • Member of Americans for Democratic Action
Bill's opponent in this year's race is incumbent Kim Williams, an Education leader from the Red Clay School District. You can read all about both candidates in the Hockessin Community News.

Encourage your friends, and get out the vote for September 9th!


  1. Uhhmmm.... Be careful Frank. As a non-profit, I'm not sure you can endorse candidates without a formal change in tax status.

  2. We're not incorporated, and never will be. Just an advisory committee of 5.


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