Sunday, February 9, 2014

What kind of legacy will the University of Delaware leave?

This, according to the University of Delaware's official Climate Action webpage:

On Earth Day 2009, the University of Delaware announced detailed plans to cut campus‐wide emissions by 20% by 2020. This action plan is among the most aggressive commitments by any University or College in the world. In announcing the University's Climate Action Plan, President Harker also set interim targets for carbon emissions, including reductions of 5 percent by 2012 and 10 percent by 2015, compared with the 2008 levels that were measured in a comprehensive carbon inventory of the campus.

Not what we expect from a "green" university.
With such an "aggressive" commitment on the part of UD, the last thing one would expect for the new STAR Campus is a CO2 belching gas fired power plant, which will find itself among the State's Top 10 worst polluters. We would expect the announcement of plans for a sustainable energy source, like that of Freshkills Park, a former landfill on Staten Island. Freshkills will be home to New York’s largest solar power facility, doubling the city’s current renewable energy capacity. It will sit on 45 acres of green space, with the potential to generate up to 10MW of power, enough for approx  2,000 homes.

Freshkills Park, with its vast solar arrays, could power almost half the homes in Newark.

Solar arrays can even be built over parking lots, generating
megawatts of power while keeping the interiors cool.
A large enough solar farm, feeding the grid and supplemented by DelMarva Power, would put the University of Delaware in good standing with its neighbors, and its host, the City of Newark. Time will tell whether UD is more committed to short term profits, or the quality of our environment, health, and quality of life.

Visit No Newark Power Plant's Facebook page for all the latest events and details.

UD and our Governor need to do the right thing . . . for them.
View past blog posts on the proposed Power Plant HERE. Read the latest article in the WNJ.

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