Thursday, February 6, 2014

UD absent when it comes to coaxing students out of cars

Five Ways Colleges Are Coaxing Students Out of Their Cars

By Angie Schmitt -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison provides bike valet at its football games. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supports free transit for everyone in the region. The University of California, Irvine launched a bike-share system in 2009, long before any major city in California had done so.

American colleges and universities are leaders in reducing driving and promoting sustainable transportation. It allows colleges to make good on their commitments to protecting the environment. It makes life easier for students and staff. And, perhaps most critically, it’s saving schools big money on parking. Stanford University estimates its efforts to reduce solo car commuting have saved the school from sinking $100 million into the construction and maintenance of parking facilities.

Here are some of the smart ways universities have been able to reduce solo car travel, according to a new report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. PIRG is recommending cities hurry up and follow their lead. [Continue reading ...]

Poster's note: Another example of the University of Delaware falling behind and failing to progress when it comes to sustainability. As this article demonstrates, a lot more can be done to encourage car-free or car-lite living among students and faculty, thereby reducing congestion, noise, and carbon pollution on campus and city streets. Visit UD's Transportation Page to find out what is available, which doesn't include much in the way of incentives. 

Above: Cambridge University, in the UK, where even the POSH are denied having motor cars. Try and imagine what traffic would look like if this were not the case. You can view UD's Sustainable Climate Action Plan from 2008, which is supposed to guide the University in active and green transportation, among others.

Another example of UD's disregard for their own Sustainable Climate Action Plan can be found HERE.

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