Saturday, February 8, 2014

Delaware's Bike (and Carcinogen) Friendly Governor

Gov. Jack pedals past Delaware's refineries during
the 2007 Tour of Delaware.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell fielded a question about the power plant proposed for Newark on NPR's Radio Times on Friday. Says because they lived with Chrysler for 50 years, Newarkers deserve more pollution?

A friend writes: Someone has to challenge the Governor on his rhetoric that under his watch Delaware has dropped emissions more than any other state and point out that it was a market function and not any action on his administration's part (coal plants being shut down because of the poor economics of coal to NRG not because DNREC shut these facilities down)

No Newark Power Plant writes ~

Gov. Jack Markell was on Radio Times Friday, 2/7/14 and this is our response to him. Start listening at minute 28:11 to hear him tell Newarkers that because they lived with Chrysler for 50 years, they deserve more pollution.

With a comment ~

I am hugely disappointed in Jack. So far, he has been great for helping facilitate active and green transportation modes. But where gains are made here, TDC's power plant is a big step backwards.  ~ Frank Warnock

Read the complete story from our friends at Delaware Way.

On tour in 2004, just one of dozens of streams I encountered in West Virginia that is over run with toxic chemicals from fossil fuel extraction processes, in this case, mining of coal. We had hoped Governor Markell's legacy would be one of healthy living, including active and sustainable transportation, but now we're not so sure.

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