Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Modern technology could grow DART ridership

"Catch The Bus" makes use of GPS trackers on each bus to give you an accurate prediction for when the next bus will arrive at your stop. Its simple and intuitive interface will get you the information you need fast. Here is how it works in Boston, Mass.
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Android devices.
  • Has complete coverage for all routes in Boston's MBTA & SF Muni.
  • Tells you when your bus will be at your stop, using GPS trackers on each bus.
  • Save your favorite or most frequent bus stops to "My Stops" for easy access
  • Search for bus stops on a Google Map view, which will display your current location alongside the stops. Making it very easy to find your stop.
All too often, using DART (Delaware Transit Corp) is a last resort, with many buses running from 20 minutes to an hour+ late of their scheduled stops. Unlike streetcar systems that rely on their own right of way, a bus is only as fast as the traffic or weather they're stuck in, and it becomes very frustrating as you stand outside waiting.

Email David Dooley at DART, and let him know about this amazing upgrade. Tell him it will help folks match their arrival time to that of the bus itself, making transit a much more attractive option: david.dooley@state.de.us

Visit Catch The Bus for a tour of this amazing time saving technology.

Transit can be very useful for bicycle commuters. Most, if not all DART buses are outfitted with a carrier. 
Photo by Caroline Honse

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