Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transitional Bike Lanes Proposed For Saint Georges Bridge

From our good friend Anthony Aglio, Delaware's Bicycle Coordinator with DelDOT

"We are going to implement something like this, as seen on the right. The configuration allows cyclists to transition (to cross the turn lane) when there is a gap in traffic without being pinched at the end. This design provides a clear option to bicyclists, who otherwise may have to stop at the end - to the right of the right turn-only lane and cross it. It delineates space for bicyclists, thereby reducing the potential for an altercation. I personally believe that right turning cars will not be expecting a quick left by the bicyclists at the very end. With this treatment, that will still be possible but not the only legal option."

Poster's note: The transitional right turn-only lane treatment can be found in the AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Bicycle Facilities, Chapter 4 "Design of On-Road Facilities". For more information on the guide, and how you can purchase one, visit HERE.

A transitional bike lane can be found on Glasgow Avenue, heading south from Rt.40. Initially, the bike lane marginalizes bicyclists along a gravel edge, which we do not approve of. Once transitioned, however, it clearly provides optimal positioning for bicyclists navigating traffic in and out of Peoples Plaza.

Just south of the transition, the bike lane follows exactly where it should, providing a clear path to the left of all right turn-only lanes. Motorists are clearly more respectful of bicyclists when properly designed bike lanes are present.

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  1. In Minneapolis these are implemented with a dashed green lane in the conflict zone where the cyclist is crossing from the right side of the turn lane to the left. It is very effective in my opinion, although it sometimes deters motorists from entering the turn lane until after the conflict zone.


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