Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DelDOT Announces Pave & Rehab Projects For 2014

The following Newark area roads are on DelDOT's Pavement and Rehabilitation schedule for 2014:
  • Elkton Road, from the Maryland State Line to Route 4
  • Cleveland Avenue, from New London Road to Kirkwood Highway
  • Possum Park Road, Kirkwood Highway to Saint Regis Drive
  • Pike Creek Center Road, from New Linden Hill Road to Limestone Road
  • Airport Road, from Route 273 to Prestwick Drive
  • Commons Boulevard, from Route 141 to Airport Road
  • Walther Road, from Route 40 to Old Baltimore Pike
  • Harmony Road, from Route 273 to Kirkwood Highway
  • Wrangle Hill Road, from McCoy Road to White Birch Boulevard
  • South Chapel Street, from Delaware Avenue to dead end
  • Route 4, from Elkton Road to South College Avenue
  • South College Avenue, from Marvin Drive to I95

According to Delaware's Complete Streets Policy, DelDOT will account for all modes of transportation during road reconstruction projects. Though not required, they also assess roads for bicycle facilities during pavement and rehabilitation, and will consider improvements if readily adaptable. A prime example is Glasgow Ave, between Route 40 and 896 (pictured above) where conditions were drastically improved for bicyclists navigating mall traffic to and from Peoples Plaza. So it is very important that advocates and citizens alike take the time to comment.

If you have any suggestions for how the above roads might be improved for bicycle safety, please contact our State's Bicycle Coordinator, Anthony Aglio at: Anthony.Aglio@state.de.us or comment below. The full statewide list can be found attached to the Bond Bill, starting at page 89.

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