Thursday, January 16, 2014

Denmark, Netherlands, move over

Top 6 cycling cities in 2014 – head east!  (Europe, that is)

Submitted by Angela Connolly

From the Friday Flats -- We have all heard about the supersized bike-share systems in Western Europe, cycling superhighways in Scandinavia, and awesome bicycle friendly cities in the Netherlands and Denmark. But how is the situation in Eastern Europe? Once looked down on as “poor man’s transport”, bicycling is gaining popularity and becoming the trendy new choice for the millennials - generation Y - of Eastern Europe. We give you a small eye-opener to some of the greatest upcoming bicycle cities in Eastern Europe.  [Full article ..]

1 Budapest, Hungary
2. GdaƄsk, Poland
3. Lviv, Ukraine
4. Ljubljana, Slovenia
5. Bucharest, Romania
6. Tartu, Estonia

Poster's note: Timely submission given all the excitement surrounding Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and other well known bicycle-friendly cities that dominate the headlines.

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