Sunday, November 30, 2014

What would it say to America if McDonalds became "Bike Friendly"?

From WalkBikeJersey Blog -- If you're "bike aware" (and likely you are because you're reading this blog) and have ever visited a fast food restaurant you've undoubtedly seen bikes haphazardly parked to anything secure all around the restaurant site.  A vast majority of these bikes are undoubtedly owned by members of restaurant staff who depend on their bikes to get to their jobs in the restaurant.

Knowing that a number of their employees rely on a bike to get to work everyday, one would think that these fast food restaurants would provided some official organized bicycle parking that preferably meets the basic APBP bike parking standards.  Unfortunately this is almost always not the case and the sight of bikes parked to whatever the owner can find is common sight not only in New Jersey but at most fast food and chain sit-down restaurants all across the country.  [Full article ...]

Shop Rite in S. Newark remains ignorant when it comes to bicyclist's needs. Several requests to management over the years still hasn't produced bike parking, no matter how many bikes are locked around outside. NCC ordinances that require bike parking only apply to new construction.

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