Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrate Mid-Atlantic Bike Culture at the Inside Line Bike Expo

From the event website -- The inaugural Inside Line bike expo will take place on Saturday March 7, 2015 in Newark, Delaware, and will feature 100+ bike (and related) industry vendors of all stripes, across all bicycling disciplines, in a fun, vibrant, festival-like atmosphere featuring music, beer, games, raffles, things to ride bikes on, and of course, bikes, bikes and more BIKES!! You see, this is no ordinary trade show. At its core this event is designed to be a FUN, first-class celebration of bike culture in the Mid-Atlantic region, with the goal of getting people more excited about riding bikes.

History: For years now we’ve been thinking about how we lack a bike expo that appeals to the masses of cyclists that call the Mid-Atlantic region home. We have a number of bike swap meets and niche expo events in the area, and while each of these are excellent events that appeal to a slice of the bike community, none of them appeal to the breadth of cycling disciplines represented around here. So we figured since no one was stepping up to the plate to create an event that appeals to cyclists of all stripes, we would do it. And we would do it well. So Inside Line was born.

Inside Line was created to bring together the diverse cycling community in the Mid-Atlantic region for an off-season celebration of all things bike. We’re inviting a huge number of bike industry and related industry vendors to this thing so you will all have a chance to meet them, hear about what these companies and organizations are up to, learn about what’s new with different product lines, buy some gear, RIDE THE PUMPTRACK and more. Come out, make some new friends, and be inspired to ride your bike more. You’ll be glad you did.

326 RUTHAR DRIVE, NEWARK (Ogletown), Delaware, 19713

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Poster's note: Look for future postings as the event date on March 7th, 2015 draws closer.

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