Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Sleek Umbrella for Bicycles sells this umbrella holder, among other unique products.
But it doesn't quite have the wrap-around protection of the Dryve.
By Katie Gloede, EcoBuilding -- Green building has extended out to the street. Mixed-use development encourages walkability, LEED awards points toward certification for bike rack installation, and more cities are adding bike lanes and bike storage. But getting around by bike comes with one large inconvenience - the typical bicycle offers no refuge from the elements. Until now, that is.

It's a bicycle umbrella called the Dryve, developed by a Swiss company of the same name, that can attach to almost any bike enabling riders to drive more safely in rain or light snow. Set to appear in stores in the spring of 2015, the flexible fabric and vinyl product attaches to the handle bars and the back of the seat, creating a curved protected area somewhat like a traditional umbrella. The design also features basic clips so Dryve can be easily removed, an array of colors to choose from to match most bikes, and a windshield area. [Full article ...]

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