Monday, October 27, 2014

"We have chosen not to actively support Cherokee Schill's case" - LAB

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LAB's response to the Schill case here.

B' Spokes: Let's say there are a range of responses we could expect expect from LAB, I am fully sympathetic as to why LAB has not cranked it up to 11 on this case but zero support? OK maybe one on the scale, as they did do a nice blog post on riding with Schill. But still we have all faced harassment from motorist and there are too many police officers who seem to think the cyclist is always at fault no mater what. The attitudes behind this case are universal and should be addressed.

If gun safety was like bicycle safety, it would be illegal to stand in front of a gun.

What is needed is a change of attitudes, a public relation campaign if you would. It is not right that the fastest mode of travel has the unspoken "right" not to be delayed in the slightest even though they could easily make up that delay but slower modes of transportation should not mind going even slower. Half hour or longer detours, no problem since they were going slow to begin with :/  [Full story ...]

Poster's note: No surprise here at all. LAB also refused to support Delaware Bikes and the Delaware Bicycle Council in their struggles with Bike Delaware for a balanced approach to advocacy. LAB refuses to acknowledge the uphill battle faced when the State's most influential advocacy organization (tasked with representing all bicyclist types) focuses almost entirely on segregated pathways. They refused to get involved when sincerely asked for help, to mediate an MOU that the different organizations could work toward, to set working parameters with the hope of one day working together. Several of Delaware's road bicycling advocates and supporters have not renewed their LAB membership as a result.

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