Sunday, October 19, 2014

Take part in Bike Delaware's candidate survey

Segregated facilities are a key component in the planning of bicycle-friendly communities, if the right connections are made (services, safe roads, etc). We urge our readers to email their representatives - if they are contested - and ask them to participate in Bike Delaware's candidate survey. Excerpts From their website:

This week Bike Delaware, along with its campaign partners Sussex Outdoors and Delaware Greenways, is conducting a survey of all the folks running for state senator and state representative (who have an opponent in their race). We have conducted similar surveys in the last two elections (in 2010 and 2012). In those previous surveys, we heard back from about half of the candidates we surveyed. Can you help us get an even better response rate this election cycle? If the candidates running to represent you get an email or phone call from you (their registered-to-vote potential constituent!) asking if they have responded to the Bike Delaware / Sussex Outdoors / Delaware Greenways candidate survey, that communication from you will make it more likely that they will read, and respond to, the survey.

One way of finding out who is running to represent you is to just look around your neighborhood at the signs on the streets. If you see a lot of those signs, there is probably a contested election. Or you can email us with your home address and we’ll email you back letting you know if you are in a contested election and the contact information for the candidates. Or you can do this:

1) Lookup your senatorial district number and representative district number (enter your address, click “Find” and click on the map)

2) Find your senator and representative districts in this list to see if you are in contested race

If you do live in a district with a contested race, the next next few days are a golden opportunity to send an email or make a phone call to the candidates running to represent you. Tell them you support more walkable and bikeable communities!  Let the people running to represent you know that waking and cycling are important to you! And help make our democracy work!

If you’re having any trouble figuring out if you live in a district with a contested election or with finding contact information for candidates, just email Bike Delaware (at, tell us your home address and we’ll email you back and let you know. [Read the article in its entirety ...]

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