Saturday, November 30, 2013

San Diego Investing $200 Million in Regional Bike Network

The latest city to surge forward in funding and building of bicycle infrastructure is San Diego

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recently approved a $200 million, ten-year plan to build out 77 miles of new bikeways. Many of the 42 projects are focused on completing two bike corridors that have been on the drawing board for years, the 44-mile Coastal Rail Trail and the 21-mile Inland Rail Trail.

It’s another example of a region taking charge of its transportation future, and not waiting for Congress to fund its needs.

We continue to be baffled at how other major cities, facing seemingly the same fiscal, political and community issues and obstacles as Seattle when it comes to expanding and improving bike facilities, nonetheless seem to clear the hurdles.
The program is funded by 1% of the proceeds from a half-cent transportation tax, which voters extended for 40 years in 2008 with by a 67%-23% vote. Learn more from this fact sheet about TransNet. [read the article in full]

Poster's note: Though Newark has a masterpiece bicycle plan, there remains no dedicated funding source for implementation.

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