Thursday, November 28, 2013

Delaware Bicycle Council, Bike Delaware Special Meeting

A special meeting took place on November 6, between Delaware's two most recognized bicycle advocacy organizations; the Delaware Bicycle Council and Bike Delaware. There have been few opportunities for them to work together, given very different views as to what constitutes bike-friendliness. Bike Delaware believes that segregated facilities deserve most of our focus, while the Delaware Bicycle Council takes the holistic, all-inclusive approach as seen in the League of American Bicyclists 5 Es.

Listen to the meeting in mp3, or visit the Delaware Bicycle Council's webpage for complete meeting information. Anyone interested in advocacy should listen, because it truly highlights the differences between the two organizations. Bike Delaware's absence on Funding Pools, and how they undermined the wording of a road safety PSA is very telling. All told, there is good and bad - but hopefully this meeting will bring forth a new focus on cooperation, and a more well rounded approach to bicycle advocacy.

Amy Wilburn of the Delaware Bicycle Council (L), and James Wilson, Executive Director of Bike Delaware (R) discuss their differences during the 2011 Goals Meeting.

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