Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Super Award for Super Mario

Mario Nappa takes the Lavoisier Medal for Technical Achievement. A super award for the Superman of bicycling in Delaware.

From DuPont's Newsletter -- Mario Nappa, DuPont Fellow, DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts, is recognized for his exceptional contributions in fluorine chemistry at DuPont. During his 32 year career at DuPont, Dr. Nappa has been responsible for the development of synthetic schemes for fluorinated molecules of business interest and has scaled those schemes for customer sampling and commercialization. A key person in the successful development of many of the major fluorochemical processes commercialized in the last two decades, Dr. Nappa has been the lead chemist in process development for the commercialization phase of the scientific breakthrough which is currently sold under the name Opteon™ YF- refrigerant HFO-1234yf. He has identified new classes of fluorocarbons throughout his career at DuPont and has helped guide and address our business strategies, making a significant financial impact for DuPont.

Dr. Nappa is the author of 20 publications and inventor or co-inventor of 114 issued U.S. patents with several others in various stages of prosecution. His commitment and vision to aggressively build and protect DuPont’s intellectual property in this area continues to strengthen our IP estate in fluorochemicals.

Well-recognized for his leadership throughout the industry, Dr. Nappa shares his passion for science with others through collaboration and mentorship. He has led an initiative to make step change improvements in safety and operating productivity for the fluorochemical R&D labs at DuPont and mentors scientists through a range of activities. 

Poster's note:  I have been riding with Mario since 1997 when I first moved to the area and joined the White Clay Bicycle Club. Not only is Mario a super achiever at DuPont, but in Delaware's bicycling community as well. This includes leading rides and tours, directing events, serving as President of WCBC, founding Bike Delaware, mastering the latest electronic technologies available to bicyclists, and the list goes on. A huge tip of the helmet goes to Super Mario!

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