Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Governor Jack Markell's 7th Annual Tour of Delaware Announced

HERE is the link for the route in Google Maps for this year’s Annual Bike Tour with Governor Markell on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th.

Please note that the Tour will kick off at 9:00am in Middletown and is anticipated to end at 3:00pm in Dover.

If you are planning on participating, you must confirm with an email to Mr Corey Marshall-Steele, Governor Jack's Administrator. You will also need to include an emergency contact phone number, as well as your own contact information: 


Among other things, the confirmation is necessary to ensure they have enough transportation back to the start of the route. So don't hesitate; RSVP today!

This ride has become an annual tradition in Delaware, as you meet, greet, and ride with one of the most, if not the most bike-friendly governors in the nation.

Governor Jack, 2nd from right, at the Delaware City rest stop during the 1st edition of the ride in 2007

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