Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Warm Welcome for a Bike Rack

By Amy Wilburn -- Once upon a time, there was one small wheelbender rack in the parking garage shared by the Carvel State Building and the Redding City/County Building in Wilmington. Bicycles were crowded together, and some unfortunate souls were turned away for lack of space. The wheelbender rack supported the bicycles only by the front or back wheels, which risked deforming their lovely round shape. U-locks were useless. The bicycles were sad. But in August of 2013, the little wheelbender rack was joined by a brand new modern bike rack.

Wow! The new bike rack supports the bicycles by the frames instead of the wheels, and makes it possible to lock up both the frame and the wheels with a U-lock or a cable lock.


But not to worry. The little wheelbender rack is never lonely because it still has one loyal adherent. Lets just hope no one knocks it over!


Amy Wilburn is Chair of the Delaware Bicycle Council

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  1. Sorry to tell you but the spiral rack also doesn't meet APBP's bicycle parking standards. Nothing beats a good ol' series of "Inverted U" racks.


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