Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exciting new event Oct. 5 celebrates River Towns

From the event website -

River Towns Ride & Festival

Celebrating historic New Castle & Delaware City

The first annual River Towns Ride & Festival is a one-day event that is the first joint festival held between the two historic Delaware waterfront towns of New Castle and Delaware City. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 5, from noon-5pm.

The two towns are 10 miles apart and connected by the bike-friendly corridor of Route 9. Therefore, the event will feature a bicycling component that will have riders cycling between the two destinations. Competitive cyclists will be encouraged to participate in the River Towns Time Trial for cash and prizes while recreational cyclists can pick their distance and ride for fun or to earn a distance medal

While cyclists traverse between the two towns, festivals will be held in each town’s main square: The Green in Historic New Castle and Battery Park in Historic Delaware City. Activities include live music, rides, attractions, games, tours, vendors, food and drink.

A highlight of the event will be a craft beer festival held at Battery Park in Delaware City from 1-5pm. More than a dozen craft breweries will be participating. Those same craft beers will also be available at the restaurants located in Historic New Castle. Program, registration info, etc HERE.

Poster's note: This section of the Route 9 corridor does contain generously wide shoulders and few turn lanes for most of its length, and is thus seen as bike-friendly. However, conditions are in significant disrepair just south of Old New Castle. Unless this stretch has been repaved or repaired recently, expect a temporary loss of shoulder, cracks and potholes, debris, etc for about a 1 mile stretch.

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