Monday, June 3, 2013

Why must it end here?

As most are well familiar, the Pomeroy Trail in Newark was completed last year from the James F. Hall Trail to Creek Road just north of UD's Laird Campus. This is a beautiful multi-use pathway facility that took over 10 years to complete, thanks to Newark Parks and Recreation, DelDOT, and numerous other stakeholders who banded together to make it all happen.

It begs to question, however, why they made extra sure to mark its beginning and end at Creek Road. Creek Road - mainly a state park and fishing access road - is every bit as popular as a bicycle and pedestrian facility, and if anything, should have "Bike Route", and/or "Share the Road" signage and be marked as such.

The Pomeroy Trail at its northern terminus with Creek Road. Note the Bike Route Ends sign, and bicyclists continuing on as though the trail continues, as most do.

The view heading south on Creek Road on the approach to the Pomeroy Trail. The yellow sign in the distance is the standard bicycle symbol, with "Ahead" below it.

Clearly, this is sending the wrong message to motorists, some of whom speed or even drag race due to Creek Road's isolation and straight sight lines.

If you agree Creek Road should be marked as a continuation of the Pomeroy Trail, or at least a shared roadway, email Anthony Aglio, Delaware's Bicycle Coordinator and be sure to let him know:

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