Friday, June 28, 2013

Newark Sharrows: Phase 2

Representative Paul Baumbach of Newark has submitted a funding request associated with Phase 2 of the sharrows project. Tom Meyer, P.E. with DelDOT, has completed plans for additional sharrows through the Main Street split, adjacent to the Newark Bike Project's current location. They will also be added to Hillside Avenue between West Main Street and New London Road. Some new sections of bike lane will also be added on West Main Street, given such generous lane width.

It's time we all give a huge round of applause to Heather Dunigan (Wilmapco), Mike Fortner (Newark Bicycle Committee), Tom Coleman (Newark DPW), and everyone else involved for moving this forward. The Newark Bicycle Plan is mainly dependent on road resurfacing projects to move things along, but some components - in this case sharrow implementation - are a relatively low cost, easy way to get things started.

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