Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013-2014 NBP Board, Mechanics Class Schedule

Elections happen every year and they are based on community participation – premised on a voting process that is free from campaigning. As such, it is important for everyone in the community to get to know one another, so when the time comes next year for board elections, all members will be able to identify individuals who will best represent the interest of the Newark Bike Project. View this on NBP's website HERE.

Summer Mechanic's Training Classes:

The Newark Bike Project offers wheel/tire repair workshops and scheduled multi-session general mechanic training courses that will train you to work on the most common repairs and adjustments to several types of bicycles. This is a great way to jump start your participation as a volunteer mechanic in our shop helping others fix their bikes. Additionally, we offer scheduled customized classes for private groups of 6 to 12 people, which can be a great way to have some fun with your friends while learning how to have more fun with your bikes! No prior experience is required for our classes, and you do not have to bring a bicycle or any tools. If you do wish to bring a bike, there is time after each class to work on your own bike.

Contact NBP today at for further details on any training interests or to pre-register. Visit the classes page for the full schedule. This page will be updated with class dates for future months, which will likely include weekend options (TBD), so a different month may work better for your schedule. Each class session is only $10.

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