Sunday, October 15, 2017

1st State Bikes set to expand in 2018

At 1st State Bikes, we are looking to increase our scope of influence in 2018, and hope you will join us! Among our goals will be the appointment of a min. 7 member advisory committee, the crafting of a mission statement, the improvement of marketing strategies, and to strengthen our existing watchdog efforts. Below is a sampling of what our organization commits to:
  • The support the ABEA's sixth "E", which surpasses the League of American Bicyclists (LAB's) five with the addition of "Equality". That is, bicycles are considered and treated as equals with all other road users in traffic laws and policies.
  • To serve in the role of parity to Bike Delaware's segregationist views, that bicyclists must ride apart from cars (and thus roads in general) to be safe, driven by the fear factor.
  • To promote Complete Streets, in the form of planning, engineering and infrastructure that facilitates the laws of movement.
  • To monitor DelDOT projects, attend workshops, and rally comments on their annual Pave & Rehab (road resurfacing) list summary.
  • To advocate for safer roads in terms of increased education and law enforcement, that will better protect vulnerable road users.
  • To resist mandatory use laws, though still supporting dedicated bicycle facilities -- on and off the road -- that are designed to best practices.
  • To be the voice of safety for everyone who bikes and walks, from the indigent to the commuter to the recreational, that depend on today's built environment.
  • To fight for transparency with any organization that purports to represent the interests of everyone in the bicycling community.
We are not a 501(c)3 organization, and have no reason to be. Meetings will be held quarterly if necessary. If you would like to contact us for an advisory position on 1st State Bikes, email:

Below: Bike Maryland is an exemplary organization in terms of balance and transparency, and working to represent all advocates and organizations that have a stake in bicycle safety and encouragement. All sources of funding, including charitable giving are strictly accounted for. When an organization fails in these capacities as Bike Delaware (with LAB's backing) surely has, it becomes necessary for independent oversight.

The California Bicycle Coalition, below, is completely on top of what's going on through all facets of advocacy, and monitors everything. They, like any model advocacy org, are not the least bit apprehensive about sharing proposed legislation, policy additions and changes.

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