Friday, September 29, 2017

2018 Pave & Rehab list available for comment

As always, we continue to monitor Rave & Rehab projects for opportunities to improve multi-modal safety. Not long ago, we asked for and succeeded in getting bike pocket lanes on Elkton Rd (between Newark and the MD line) with an interim project. We continue to ask for shared right turn-only lane treatments on roads such as Route 72/Sunset Lake Rd south of Newark, and believe DelDOT will come through for us next time it is resurfaced. Each year, more and more opportunities arise, within the confines of what can be achieved with a basic Pave & Rehab project (beyond that, it becomes capital reconstruction) and re-striping. It is up to road safety advocates to take the lead on this, since Delaware's LAB sanctioned advocacy org has never once taken an interest.

According to Mark Luszcz, our Chief Traffic Engineer, DelDOT is closely aligned with the Federal Highway Department's recommendations as found in the manual Incorporating on-road bicycle facilities and safety treatments during repave/rehab projects. It is by far the most bang for the buck, as roads and shoulders are re-striped regardless. Combined with a Pave & Rehab project, it comes out much less expensive because a little added paint is the primary cost. On the other hand, bike paths cost vastly more to build and maintain. In an October 2013 article, we revealed the spending of nearly $2M to complete a 1/4 mile section of the Northern Delaware Greenway along Talley Road. A protected bike lane could have served a similar purpose at a small fraction of the cost.

As a bicyclist in the built environment, and follower of 1st State Bikes, you are invited to browse over DelDOT's list of upcoming (2018) Pave & Rehab projects. Please comment on any roads (or stretch of road or intersection) that you are familiar with, and could be safety enhanced. Send your input directly to DelDOT's Bicycle Coordinator at:

Visit the FHWA Program Page for full information


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