Thursday, December 18, 2014

DelDOT: Too late to add 4th crosswalk at Elkton Rd/Christina Parkway

Delaware Bikes advocates asked DelDOT to install a crosswalk on the SW side of the Elkton Road/Christina Parkway intersection, but it appears those efforts have failed. The plans have already been drawn up, and the project should begin next year. Read all about it here, including photos.

According to Mark Luszcz, Chief Traffic Engineer:

"Summer 2015 is best case, and ADA or other issues could further delay the repaving project. I understand your concerns with the proposed crosswalks at 4/Elkton Rd, but design is (and has been) complete and there is not the time or money to redesign at this point. After we get this implemented we can consider if the 4th crosswalk can be added, or if it can be added as part of the widening project."

We cannot really predict how popular the Christina Parkway parallel bike path will be among the hundreds of students housed at "The Retreat". Time will tell how many will want or need to use it, and the only thing we can do is hope that safety will not be a problem.

In the map above, bicyclists wishing to exit "The Retreat" to the north and west of this intersection will find themselves dealing with an array of pedestrian facilities and a curb-hugging bike lane that does nothing to help them navigate through the intersection. The 3 sides of crosswalk are not likely until Summer or Fall of 2015 - well after Retreat students are moved in. Legend: Orange: Sidewalks, which are technically illegal (and dangerous) to ride on . Green: Existing parallel bike path facilities. Red: non-crosswalk side and direct connection to Christina Parkway bike path.

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