Friday, December 26, 2014

7 Organizations Changing the World One Bike at a Time

Momentum Magazine -- An efficient, economical, and reliable machine, a bicycle can mean the difference between struggling and succeeding for many people worldwide.

Bicycles offer individuals in developing economies a sustainable, affordable mode of transportation. A person traveling by bike can cover 4 times the distance as someone walking in the same amount of time, and carry 5 times the amount of cargo. Students can access better educational opportunities, entrepreneurs can travel further and carry more goods, and healthcare workers can reach more patients in less time. 

But the impact of a bicycle is not limited to travel, and its ability to effect change does not take place only in the global south. The bicycle economy provides jobs, skills development, and restorative therapy to underserved communities both locally and abroad.

These seven organizations offer innovative programs that harness the power of bicycles to achieve tangible social change. [Continued ....]

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