Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DBC fails to recognize Amy Wilburn, Chair of 8 years

It's almost never that we call out DelDOT and/or the Delaware Bicycle Council for something shameful. But here, we are clearly justified.

Amy Wilburn served as Chair of DBC for 8 immensely productive years, from 1997 through 2015. As such, she initiated, presided over, and/or worked alongside others on the following projects (in no particular order):
Amy was on DBC's 10/5-2016 agenda for 5 minutes, where they planned to at least acknowledge her tenure:

. . . but as seen in these meeting minutes, that never happened.

Bike Delaware, unhappy with DBC's focus on road advocacy and safety, tried to replace Amy in 2015 with their Executive Director James Wilson, who was defeated handily by the loved incumbent. Bike Delaware would finally have their way in 2016, with Tom Hartley taking the Chair uncontested (upon Amy's decision not to run for a historic 9th term).

Amy was deliberately cropped out of this photo on Bike Delaware's website, of Governor John Carney signing the "Bicycle-Friendly Delaware Act" on 10/5/2017 in Newark.

For those that do not know who or what the Delaware Bicycle Council is, their website contains the following history:

The Delaware Bicycle Council was established in May of 1990 by House Bill 505 to "consider, review and work on matters pertaining to bicycling, bicycle safety and bicycle safety education and to make recommendations to various state agencies." Originally organized with nine members, the Council was expanded to 15 members in May of 1996 by House Bill 556. Members are appointed by the Governor with staggered terms and include representatives from the Department of Transportation, The Council on Transportation, The Department of Education, The Delaware State Police, The Office of Highway Safety, The Division of Parks and Recreation, The Council on Greenways and Trails, The Division of Public Health. In addition, seven citizen members are appointed - two from New Castle County, one from Kent County, one from Sussex County and three At-large. The Council meets at least five times a year. Staff support is provided by DelDOT's Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator at 760-BIKE.

With this level of participation and oversight by multiple other organizations, it disturbs us that volunteer recognition at this level was blatantly disregarded. The internet is teaming with books, guides, pages of information pertaining to its importance. For example:

"It is also important to give both appreciation and recognition. Appreciation expresses “thank you” for time and effort, which can be done in a variety of formal and informal ways. Recognition, with its root “cognition,” conveys the message that one is mindful of and values the unique contributions made by a volunteer."  ~John L. Lipp

Let's hope the DBC and/or DelDOT recognizes this issue, given the importance of cultivating new volunteers and new relationships that will help move bicycling forward in Delaware.

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