Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Befriend a Bicycle" Tips for Commuting and Riding

By Angela Connolly -- On Thursday April 10, I conducted a "Befriend a Bicycle - Tips for Commuting and Riding" Workshop at the Newark Bike Project. This event was part of the "Lite Lunch" Wellness Activities, a series of Workshops held by the University of Delaware's Department of Employee Wellness.

Held during the lunch hour, the workshops raise awareness for healthy activities by allowing participants to experience ways to re-charge their batteries during their workweek. With each activity employees attend, they earn incentives to be eligible for a prize drawing.

On the table was information from the Newark Bike Project, Delaware Bikes, RideShare Delaware, White Clay Bicycle Club, Delaware Trail Spinners, the Delaware Bicycle Council, and the Newark Bicycle Committee.

This was a great opportunity to talk about what we do at the Newark Bike Project, and to raise awareness of the many ways we serve the Community through our Shop and our bike related activities.

16 ladies and gentlemen were in attendance, and we covered topics such as, choosing the right bike for your commute, choosing appropriate bags and clothing, selecting a route, and of course, safety and practical tips to stay safe and visible on the bike. Participants took away goodies such as buttons, safety pamphlets, and maps. 

An array of goodies from Delaware Bikes was on hand. Participants were particularly excited about our high-visibility safety ankle snap bands. Delaware Bikes is an Advisory Committee and Blog that promotes a balanced approach to bicycle advocacy.

Angela, talking about what she loves - bicycling!

The event was enjoyed by all, including these lovely ladies. I would like to thank Linda Smith (far right) for the opportunity to present this Workshop today. We look forward to finding new and creative ways to continue to work with the University to keep their Hens healthy!

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