Monday, March 31, 2014

Blue Hens For Clean Air: Is this what YOU want at UD?

Learn all about the power plant slated for the University of Delaware STAR campus in this short video put together by a group of UD students and alumni. Residents, students and alumni are all questioning why the University administration is pushing this power plant.


On Earth Day 2009 the University of Delaware announced detailed plans to cut campus‐wide emissions by 20% by 2020. This action plan is among the most aggressive commitments by any University or College in the world. In announcing the University's Climate Action Plan, President Harker also set interim targets for carbon emissions, including reductions of 5 percent by 2012 and 10 percent by 2015, compared with the 2008 levels that were measured in a comprehensive carbon inventory of the campus. ~ UD's Climate Action Plan (not)

Poster's note: A promise broken in the name of lucrative profits and short term economic gain. It appears making money trumps all sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship. UD President Patrick Harker, Governor Jack Markell, and the City of Newark should all be ashamed of themselves. Sign the petition now, demanding an end to this backwards proposal.

Study: Evaluating of the health impact of the power plant
Video: Threat from global warming heightened in latest U.N. report (1:16)

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