Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Silly Cyclist

From the heart of London comes the Silly Cyclist, out to highlight potential issues that cyclists may have and how to avoid them. They are uploaded regularly by commuting cyclists using full time video cameras.

Of course, as an advocate, I find many of the "mistakes" deliberate, and troubling, considering that the Department of Transport makes every effort to account for bicycle traffic on most roads. Back in 2010, I ran a survey of bicyclists in Delaware, in an effort to find out what percentage might become more law abiding if DelDOT did the same, especially at intersections with right turn-only lanes. The results were very positive, and all the more reason to advocate the 5 Es of a bicycle friendly America. Most roads in Delaware - including Wilmington, our largest city - lack any kind of bicycle accommodation.

These videos, as presented in a top 10 countdown, will have you laughing - yet they are very educational. Below enjoy episode 38, which I found to have an excellent mix of classic boners as seen in most major cities. Visit the Silly Cyclist or perform a YouTube search for more!

Cyclist Sandwich - Watch a clip from Episode 28, as a cyclist gets pinched between a bus and a pickup truck, yet escapes with little more than a bent front wheel.

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