Thursday, November 30, 2017

Advisory Lane Roads on DBC meeting agenda for 12/6

Courtesy of Streets MN
Bike Delaware's James Wilson will be discussing "Advisory Lane Roads" at the next meeting of the Delaware Bicycle Council. From the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professional's article:

What's an advisory bicycle lane? Also called a "non-compulsory bicycle lane” or "suggestion lane” (translated from the Dutch "suggestiestrook”), it’s a bicycle lane into which motor vehicles may legally encroach. Therefore, the line demarcating the lane is dashed instead of solid. An advisory bicycle lane is often—but not always—used in conjunction with centerline removal.

Generally, a mandatory bicycle lane is preferable; an advisory bicycle lane should only be used when a mandatory lane cannot be used. Advisory bicycle lanes should be considered 1) when street width is inadequate for mandatory bike lanes or 2) where cars are likely to encroach on a bike lane as it approaches a bike box. Advisory bike lanes should not be used where they are likely to be blocked by parked motor vehicles.

Advisory bike lanes in conjunction with centerline removal on roads with substandard width are common across Europe and are generally well received by cyclists.

A  year ago, we suggested THIS opportunity for Newark's Main Street (probably lost now). It's time to move past talking about shared lanes to actually implementing them, even if on a FHWA experimental basis. As it stands now, the MUTCD forbids any kind of delineated bicycle lane within a normal vehicle lane; data from the field is needed over a long period before these are approved in the manuals.

Delaware Bicycle Council Meeting
DelDOT Administration Building-Felton/Farmington Conference Room, 800 Bay Road, Dover
Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

 I.  Welcome, Introductions, and Minutes (0-5 minutes)
  • Minutes Review from October 4, 2017 – 0-5 minutes (Tom Hartley)
II.  Council Membership (0-10 minutes)
  • Discuss Members Profile for the website and other website updates – 0-5 minutes (Tom Hartley)
  • Discuss Greenways and Trails appointment to Council – 0-5 minutes (Tom Hartley)
III. Old Business (0-5 minutes)
  • Bridgeville Bicycle Trail Ribbon Cutting – 1st Recipient of Innovation Grant – 0-5-minutes  (Tom Hartley)
IV. New Business (0-60 minutes)
  • Nominees for 2018 Chair (Voting to occur at February 7, 2018 meeting) – 0-5 minutes (Tom Hartley)
  • Bicycle Friendly State Ranking – 0-10 minutes (John Bare)
  • Advisory Lane Roads – 0-15-minutes (James Wilson)
  • Council discussion and vote on Innovation Grant - 0-30 minutes (Fran Cardaci)
 V. Updates (0-30 minutes)
  • DelDOT Bicycle Plan – 0-30 minutes (Andrea Trabelsi)
 VI. Public Comments (0-10 minutes)
  • Opportunity for Non-Council Members to Address the Council 
Next Meeting: Wednesday February 7, 2018 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. Please e-mail John T. Fiori and Tom Hartley with any potential agenda items at least two (2) weeks prior to meeting. Visit DBC's webpage at

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