Saturday, October 11, 2014

Petitions: Extending trail hours beyond dawn-to-dusk, Newark to Wilmington Bikeway

The trail-user community would like Delaware State Parks to extend trail hours beyond the dawn-to-dusk policy. This will allow commuters and recreational users legal access to trails during night time hours.

There are currently 710 signatures, and the goal is now set at 750 signatures.

As daylight shortens, commuters and trail users have to find alternative routes that do not include Delaware State Parks. Half or more of the year is off limits, including the fall, winter, and spring. With the prevalence of affordable new lighting technologies, however, it is becoming safer and easier to commute or recreate at night. As it stands now, those working a normal 8-5 job find these opportunities are limited between September and April. Success here would change that.

Please click here and consider signing this valuable petition with that will keep our trails open after dark.

Also, don't forget the petition for a Newark-Wilmington On-Road Bicycle Route. This proposal would provide an official on-road connection between Newark and Wilmington. Although there are stretches of roadway with good bicycle facilities, Delaware lacks complete bike routes between destinations.

There are currently 230 signatures, and the goal is now set at 270 signatures.

In surveys of cyclists, Kirkwood Highway and Route 4 are consistently among the highest priority for the development of bicycle routes. These corridors already have a good base of viable infrastructure. With paint and signage, plus a few projects to remedy pinch points, a route can be created at relatively low cost.

Please click here and consider signing this valuable petition with that will establish this formal bike route.

Poster's note: For those who don't know, these petitions do work if participation is high. Petitions can be found anywhere, for virtually anything. These will actually be downloaded as real signatures (with comments if provided for) and submitted to our elected and appointed leaders. Please sign on today!

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