Monday, November 18, 2013

Take Action: New Federal Bike/Ped Safety Bill

Cross posted from NJ Bike & Walk Coalition

Last week, a coalition of bipartisan lawmakers in the US House and Senate introduced identical bills (HR 3494 and S 1708) -- the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act -- to help reduce the number of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities on American roadways.

Between 2008 and 2011, overall traffic deaths in the US decreased by over 15%; however, during that same period, pedestrian and bicyclists fatalities increased from 12% to 16% nationally. In New Jersey, that number reached 27%, making NJ the second worst state for bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities.

Even as the number of fatalities has increased, the attention to bicycle and pedestrian safety has not. Less than 0.5% of federal Highway Safety Funds are spent improving bicyclist and pedestrian safety. In New Jersey, that number is 0.2%. Currently, there is no incentive or guidance given to states to reduce the annual toll of 5,000 pedestrian and cyclist deaths. [continue reading]

Poster's note: I can find nothing on line with regard to Delaware bicycle fatalities in 2012.We had zero in 2011, as per the chart below, found here.

Even though we have very bike-friendly leaders in Congress, it can only help to show our support. Here are the email forms for each: Senator Coons - Senator Carper - Rep. Carney

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