Sunday, January 21, 2018

1st State Bikes to introduce USB UPS system for bicycles

By demand of our followers, 1st State Bikes Advocates are working overtime to produce an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system for bicycles. EP3a is complete and is undergoing real time testing as we write. It is designed to work with bicycle generator systems, that include front hub, sidewall (tire), bottom bracket, or any other dynamo types that produce 6 Volts AC. The EP3a converts the power generated to a clean and reliable 5 Volts DC, suitable for any USB charging or power connection. But that's not all; when you stop for any reason, e.g. at a red light, power remains on for 10+ minutes, usually more depending on how many devices are connected.

Suitable devices include Smart Phones, GPS units, Video Cameras, or anything else that accepts the standard micro-USB connection. Adapters can be used to convert to mini-USB. A 3-way toggle switch allows for the connection of a Dynamo-compatible head/tail lamp. The beautifully wood finished console clamps on to your handlebar next to the stem, and positions below the plain of the bar and out of the way as seen in the photos. Buyers must specify standard or over-sized bar clamp diameter.

We are also working on a non-dynamo, rechargeable Lithium battery system that will keep the power on long after a device's internal batteries wither and die. Watch for future announcements.

1st State Bikes has you covered, not only with balanced bicycle advocacy, but keeping the power on! Production is pending. If you are interested in our EP3a series, or would like updates on our upcoming Lithium system, email us today at: and we will place you on our first notification list.

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